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Our story

Be your own brand of beautiful, no matter who you are, what you do, or how far you think you need to go - we want you to believe that you are adorned with strength and beauty everywhere you go. So shine brighter, dazzle more, and leave a smidgeon of glimmer. We promise to be part of the captured and remembered moments in the lives of our shoppers through cultivating an experience to like, share, tell and recommend. We want this experience to build brand trust with our customers, their tribes and the their tribes too.

There is a notion that most businesses strive to stand out from the competition or want to have a unique offering that sets them apart from the rest of the market. We took a different approach to this concept. KEXAZ Designs chose to enter the market with a brand-led offering rather than a purely branded one. Our business was founded on a fundamental need: to source products with our customers in mind and to put them at the heart of the range we choose. We want our products to add meaning to our customers by offering an array of unique designs, to stand out as a brand label that embodies both elegance and quality.

The business was founded in South Africa. Since then, we’ve grown our team to include members from the United Arab Emirates, India, Turkey, Singapore and the former South Africa. Our business model is tailored to offer superb product knowledge that supports our customers through their purchase journey. This references why we are so proud of our commitment to not only provide you with a trendy and chic range but we have gone to great lengths to also provide a hassle-free shopping experience that we are continuously working on to be nothing short of seamless.

We openly share our vision with our employees, suppliers, business associates and customers, so we can collectively ensure that our actions are in service of and align with our mission, vision, values and commitment statements.

Brand Message

KEXAZ Designs is more than just a logo to us, we endeavour to bring you trendy, chic styles paired with fine quality and infused with a gracious attitude. Our unique trait and extreme passion is to seek the most diversified merchandise selections. We believe owning special moments in your life is utterly important, and we want to be a part of your tribal style.

Brand Philosophy

The brand’s philosophy is built on enthusiasm, optimism and decorum which are the foundations of formulating our vision. We will deliver on our vision by ensuring we partner with manufacturers who align with our values and brand promise.

Our Mission

To build and evolve a frictionless business that promises to provide our shoppers with an exceptional shopping experience filled with unique products.

Our Values

Our vision is to become a renowned name amongst our customers with a product offering of distinctive competence entrenched with unique, high-quality and environmentally friendly products sourced with a blend of trendy and chic styles.

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Delight customers with our products and service.



Promote diversity. Treat people with respect, and strive towards equality.



Ensure we bring great value to our shoppers.



Our continual improvement to strive for excellence.

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