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What is a Minaudière?

Have you come across this fancy word “minaudière? You probably saw the word used in context with a handbag, clutch or purse?

So what exactly is a minaudière? A minaudière (mee-nor-dee-yair) is mostly used as an evening purse. If you are looking to step out in style to make a statement then this style of clutch handbag will definitely compliment your outfit. The purse sized bag is petite, compact in design and very eye catching. It has a sturdy ornamental type case or is designed with sparkling and glamourous outer finishes. Because it is a compact decorative accessory, it can only store a few items, so make sure you select the most appropriate stuff for your evening event or occasion.

Now onto some history about this stylish handbag. The word “minaudiere” is of French origin and means to flirt or smirk. The long history to the minaudière dates back to it being used since the 1930s. The House of Van Cleef & Arpels has been credited with its creation and once they had it patented, the bag became very popular amongst ladies. So the story is told that inspiration came to Charles Arpels in 1934, when he noticed a wealthy socialite named Florence Gould tossing several small, loose makeup items into a tin box! Charles was intrigued by the holder used by Florence to store her items and this sparked the invention. Charles Arpels named the “minaudière” after Estelle Van Cleef, whose mannerisms – or “minaudières” enchanted her entourage. Since then, many jewellers, fashion houses and designers like Cartier have created their own styles of the minaudière bag.

If you are stuck on my side of the world, then it’s probably been a while since you got all dressed up for an evening event or occasion. On the other hand there are some who are preparing for that special day marked on your calendar, and after reading this blog, we would love to see you share some pictures of you with your minaudière. The “minaudiere” has certainly caught my eye and I wouldn’t want to be seen without it on my next big night out, for two reasons: first, it’s a bag that will undoubtedly elicit many questions from many guests, and second, my eagerness to boast about it, just the word itself wraps so elegantly around my tongue.

A lady can never have enough handbags and we all know this. Minaudières are the archetypal for evening bags in use today and KEXAZ Designs aims to reintroduce the use and appreciation for these petite handbags. Here are some examples of exquisite minaudières from our range.

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