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The difference between a Handbag and a Shoulder bag

We aspire to look our best for that special occasion or event marked in the calendar? When we are all dressed up, many of us love to receive compliments, no matter what attire we chose to wear? Accessories play such an important role in the finishing touches and having a suitable handbag is certainly one accessory we ladies don’t miss out to complete our outfit. It is perceived by many that a handbag is an attractive accessory to have. The challenge comes in when you have to choose the right type of bag for your outfit? Oh bother, which one should you choose, and what is there a difference between all these different type of handbags? Well, allow us to clear your mind with some insight to this question?

Fashion trends change all the time, and although it used to be that the bigger the bag, the more trendy you are, today the preference is to have a handbag not too big or small. The trend has evolved to having something in the middle which is a better option. Whilst there are many styles, types and sizes of handbags, let’s start with some insights on the difference between a handbag and a shoulder bag?


Size of the handbag or shoulder bag

Size does matter lol! Handbags are large enough to hold accessories like your lipstick(s), purse, hand lotion, phone, and other petite items, but not so large that we appear unprepared or underdressed for the event. They are ideal for going on a date or stepping out for a fancy dinner.


Shoulder bags on the other hand, despite being much larger, is great for those events that require a lot more goods like when we want to go on a nature excursion or to the beach. The great advantage is that if we need to bring extra items with us in order to be prepared for anything that may occur, we can simply fit them all inside a shoulder bag, because it is large enough to accommodate a bottle of water, a good book, and even a snack.


Whatever purpose or circumstance we use any of these two for, they both have their special use, and it is your choice after all to select the ideal bag size you require, and this should make your choice easier to load all of the necessary items needed before heading out.


The number of straps

Who would have thought that the number of straps is a big noticeable aspect between a handbag and a shoulder bag?

A handbag has two straps, which makes it much more useful; you can open it to find something or place something inside much more easily. This also allows for a considerably broader opening of the bag without the risk of anything spilling out.

A shoulder bag usually just has one strap; however, some new styles of shoulder bags are made with two straps. However traditionally the shoulder bag was designed to only have one strap.


Let’s look at the inside of the bag

The shoulder bag is usually much larger than the handbag, so you have a lot more alternatives for organizing everything in it. Shoulder bags usually have a lot more zippers and mini pockets of all sizes and are known to be quite functional which makes it much easier to organize small items and avoid wasting a lot of time looking for them.

Aside from the inside of these two bags, the shoulder bag has numerous sections and zippers also on the outside, making organization a breeze. Thanks to the divisions and zippers, you have everything you need at your fingers at any time.


Ultimately it’s up to you to decide just how organized you want to be with the bag you choose. It is ideal to choose or buy a bag with enough room to carry all of the items you may need, depending on type of occasion or event, where you want to go and how long you expect to stay.


In summary

Finally, we recommend that when it comes to the type of impression you want to make with your bag, we suggest you choose a hand or shoulder bag style that matches your personality and level of convenience. Personal preference has always been a significant influence in choosing a bag especially when it comes to your own style and swag.

An advantage of the modern world is that no matter what our sense of taste in fashion is, there is definitely something for everyone. Why not check out our range of bags to find the one that complements your outfit?

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